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Much can be done on site to ensure the safe handling and use of concrete blocks by following simple and straight forward good working practices and giving adequate consideration to health and safety aspects at the appropriate stages in the construction programme.


Broome Bros. range of Donlite and Doncrete blocks are manufactured for use in the general and specialist building and construction industry and should be used in accordance with National Standards, Building Regulations and Codes of Practise.

Physical and Chemical Characteristics

Our products are manufactured using natural, re-cycled and man made aggregates including limestone, gravel, furnace bottom ash, ground glass and expanded clay.

Safe Site Practices

Broome Bros. range of Donlite and Doncrete blocks are delivered in banded cubed packs on crane off-load vehicles. It is Broome Bros. company policy to off-load the product on firm and level ground designated by site personnel. Packs should not be stacked more than two high and ideally should not be split open unless they are at ground level. Packs may be off-loaded onto pallets of the correct size and strength for on site movement. Care should be taken when removing the banding from the packs to avoid injury from the then loose blocks.
Like all concrete blocks, our products can have an abrasive texture and sharp edges so care should be taken when manually handling to avoid the risk of cuts and grazes. Appropriate PPE including suitable gloves should be worn.

Manual Handling

Careful consideration of the blocklayer’s working area can contribute significantly to safe working. Points to take into consideration should include:

  • Move blocks in packs by mechanical means whenever possible.
  • Load blocks out to above knee height to avoid unnecessary bending.
  • Ensure that Personal Protective Equipment appropriate to construction sites is both provided and used.
  • Ensure that dust masks and dust suppression or extraction measures are provided when mechanically cutting or chasing units.

Personal Protective Equipment

PPE should be worn when handling the Donlite and Doncrete blocks, i.e. safety footwear, head protection, safety gloves, and safety goggles (when cutting).


The raw materials used in Broome Bros. blocks are inert, but when necessary should be disposed of in accordance with local legal requirements.

CDM Regulations

There is a risk of injury in the single-handed repetitive manual handling of blocks heavier than 20Kg.

Note should be made of the current HSE Construction Regulations “Handling Building Blocks” with reference to the handling of heavy blocks i.e. above 20Kg

The Concrete Block association information sheet “Safe Handling and Use of Concrete Blocks” is available on request